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    Dear Parents,

    Did you know that building sufficient Higher Education Funds is not sufficient for your Child?

    True Education Planning is building Funds & Skills parallelly.

    True Education Plan = Accumulating Funds + Acquiring Skills

    Introducing True Education Solution

    This is the unique solution where you Start Investing for your Child’s Higher Education while your child starts to acquire Coding Skills

    Why we chose to teach Coding?

    Coding is the basic literacy of Digital Age

    Coding increases Analytical ability among Kids

    Coding enhances Creativity among Kids

    Coding will help your child to face the new job market demand with confidence

    About Coding Course

    It will help child acquire coding skills

    Your child will learn coding starting from fundamentals (Block-based Programming) to writing own text-based programs in programming 

    We at COMFSA Coding School believe that learning never ends.

    There will be no fixed duration for the course and we will help your child acquire new skills as your child.

    We provide resources, guidance, and mentorship to help your child acquire new skills.


    The course will be conducted through Google Classroom

    The teaching will be a combination of Video Lessons, Assignments, Live Classes through Google Meet, Live Doubt Clearing Session, Emails.

    The course will be handled by teachers at COMFSA Coding School led by it’s Chief Teacher Aravind VL

    About Investment Plan

    It depends on various parameters like how much funds you need for your child’s education.

    Just to give you a rough figure this solution can be availed starting from 2K per month

    You will be investing the money in an Insurance cum Investment Plan.

    We believe that the funds you build for your child’s education should be safe from market conditions and should work even in case of your absence.

    Yes, you can avail Tax Rebate on the Investment you make. 

    About Aravind VL

    Aravind VL co-founded a technology startup COMFSA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which provides technology solutions to Financial Professionals. 

    He is also an Independent Financial Guide helping his clients achieve Financial Independence.

    Aravind started programming at the young age of 7 years and has a passion to teach coding.

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