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Financial Planning Articles

Options to fund your child’s education

Option 1 : Invest now and earn interest and returns when your child needs it

Option 2 : Borrow money and pay huge interest

Option 3: Use your retirement funds and depend on somebody to help you during your old age

5 Important aspects of Financial Planning

People these days are well aware of the importance of investments. They also make sure to invest their money in different schemes. However, what people fail to understand is that without a goal or a proper investment objective, their investments solve no purpose.

Financial Planning conversation @ Pizza Shop

Client : Can you help me understand Financial Planning?

Imagine this full Pizza as your Monthly Income, then allocate

1) 50% for your Needs (Food, Rent, Health, Transportation)

2) 30% for Wants (Hobbies, Entertainment, Shopping, Skill Building)

3) 20% for Savings (Insurance, Investment, Contingency Funds)